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Monday, May 23, 2005

That Phantom "Moron" project-

I did receive and get installed my new HP150 exhaust from PSF. Its pretty terrific and looks great. It is quiet, no louder than the stock muffler. Installation of the muffler was not quite as simple as it should have been but I did get a satisfactory fit. Pictures will be forthcoming.

I also got the adapter made Friday afternoon so I could use the JC Whitney megaphone muffler. The adapter works perfectly. The muffler is TOO LOUD. Wow. It was obnoxiously loud! I pulled out the baffle pipe to discover just a modicum of fiberglass sound deadening wrap and so bought more to see if I could make the volume acceptable. Repacking the muffler helped but not enough. Bummer. My grand idea stifled...

But its not dead yet because I've come up with a new plan! It requires sheet metal cutting and drilling and welding and a little experimentation. Which I think I'll be trying out this weekend.

In the mean time I'll just use the HP150 muffler and be happy. And try to finish that Escort

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